Susquehanna Unit 2 Reconnected to Power Grid after Brief Outage

BERWICK, Pa., Oct. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Operators reconnected Unit 2 at the Susquehanna nuclear power plant in Luzerne County to the regional power grid on Saturday, Oct. 8. During the seven day outage, Susquehanna successfully replaced two blades on the unit's low pressure turbine and completed planned maintenance on other systems that are only accessible when the plant is in a safe, shut down mode.

As previously announced, the plant is continuing a multi-year, systematic turbine blade modification and replacement project. Susquehanna has determined the root cause of the issue and is expected to complete the final, permanent modifications on the Unit 2 turbine during the 2017 refueling outage and on the Unit 1 turbine during the 2018 refueling outage.

"During this outage, our team worked safely and efficiently to replace the blades and return the unit to service," said Tim Rausch, Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer. "Combined with other maintenance completed by our nuclear professionals, we expect the unit to deliver clean, reliable energy until its next biennial refueling outage."

Unit 1 at the plant continues to operate safely at full power.

The Susquehanna plant, located about seven miles north of Berwick, is jointly owned by Susquehanna Nuclear, LLC, and Allegheny Electric Cooperative Inc., and is operated by Susquehanna Nuclear. For information, visit

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