Talen Energy Announces Transformational Move Toward a Sustainable, ESG-Focused Future

Talen will cease burning coal across its five Gigawatt wholly-owned fossil fleet and accelerate ESG infrastructure investments across the Talen power platform

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Talen Energy Corp. ("Talen") today announced that it has committed to a strategic repositioning of its power generation fleet that will eliminate the use of coal at all Talen wholly-owned facilities. These actions, developed through discussions with the Sierra Club, are a first step in a larger transformation of Talen's assets and business model toward a sustainable, Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG")-focused future.

In particular, Talen's Montour generation facility located in Pennsylvania and its Brandon Shores and H.A. Wagner coal generation facilities located in Maryland will cease coal-fired operations by the end of 2025 and repower pending approvals by state agencies. These facilities will join Talen's Brunner Island generation facility in Pennsylvania, which previously committed to transition from coal by the end of 2028. In total, they represent approximately five Gigawatts of generating capacity and over 30% of Talen's total generating capacity. As part of this effort, Talen and the Sierra Club are working toward an agreement which aims to avoid future litigation or permit disputes related to coal at Talen's transitioning sites. A statement from Sierra Club in support of this effort can be found at: https://www.sierraclub.org/press-releases/2020/11/sierra-club-and-stoney-beach-association-statements-talen-energy-s-commitment

"Talen is pleased to play a leading role in driving toward a lower carbon future. We are among the first in the competitive power generation industry to commit to an accelerated transition from coal. This step, coupled with our ESG infrastructure investments, are good for our business and all our stakeholders, including the communities in which our plants are located. By moving to repower these sites for the future, we maintain our longstanding economic commitment to our communities, while also providing the environmental benefits of a lower carbon footprint. This balance is a direct reflection of our "No Harm" culture," said Ralph Alexander Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Talen Energy. "Talen is grateful to the Sierra Club for their relationship as we position for a sustainable future."

Talen Transition and ESG Infrastructure Investments
Under its energy transition plan, Talen is developing renewable energy and battery storage projects at strategic locations across its asset portfolio, further positioning it for a lower carbon future that also offers economic and social benefits to communities in which they will operate. 

"Talen's move away from coal and future growth will be underpinned by approximately one Gigawatt of renewable energy (solar and wind) and battery storage projects currently under development across our existing asset footprint," added Alex Hernandez, President of Talen Energy. "Our first 100 Megawatt solar generation joint project will be located adjacent to our Montour generation facility in Washingtonville, Pennsylvania. We anticipate the project will break ground in the fourth quarter of 2021 and be one of the largest renewable energy investments in the Commonwealth."

Talen intends to repower the impacted plants to run on alternate fuel sources, with some assuming the role of capacity resource. Talen expects to continue to support grid reliability and maintain operations in the markets and communities it has been part of for decades. Additionally, Talen urges Pennsylvania and Maryland decision-makers to invest in clean energy and transition support for affected workers and communities.

"Customers in our markets are looking for clean power offerings that meet their reliability and cost requirements. Talen's combination of renewables, zero-carbon nuclear, and battery storage assets will provide a clean, affordable, and reliable power solution to our customers," added Mr. Hernandez. 

Talen ESG Investor Day
Talen will host a virtual ESG investor day in the first quarter of 2021. At the event, members of Talen Energy's executive team will discuss the company's ESG infrastructure investments, energy transition strategy, project execution and capital allocation plan. Details regarding the investor day will be provided at a later date.

About Talen Energy Corp.
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